Who wouldn’t want to find work immediately after graduation? Unfortunately, competition is fierce and young people are not always able to get hired quickly. In these cases, knowledge of foreign languages is, without a doubt, an extra step in the right direction in order to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

It is well known that nowadays, for most professional roles, at least a basic command of English or, better still, an intermediate or advanced level of knowledge of one or more foreign languages is required.

Therefore, for those who wish to enter the world of work successfully, a good knowledge of English, French, German, Spanish, etc., is an essential requirement to say the least. If the degree course you have chosen does not include in-depth study of foreign languages, why not fill these gaps with an ad hoc course?

Here, then, are the five most useful foreign languages for finding work!

#1 English

English is the most widely used foreign language in the world and the one most used in professional contexts. In addition to being spoken in a large number of countries – from the UK to the USA, but also in Australia, Ireland, etc.. – is also the language par excellence in the field of scientific research and information technology. In short, if you intend to find a job in the technical field or if you want to try your hand at an academic career, you can’t help but have at least a medium level of knowledge!

#2 Chinese

The approach to the Chinese language can be, at first glance, a bit traumatic. It is, in fact, an idiom completely different from our own, starting from the writing. However, if you can get passionate about studying Chinese, you will discover a fascinating world and culture. Moreover, given the constant growth of the Chinese economy, it is a great requirement to find a job!

#3 Spanish

If you would like to find a job in the tourism sector, Spanish, in addition to English, is a very popular requirement. Besides being spoken in many countries, especially in South America, the Spanish language is simple and enjoyable to study, as it is very similar to ours. Also, do you want to give you the chance to find your way around during a holiday in Barcelona or Ibiza?

#4 Arabic

Even the study of the Arabic language can appear difficult, at least at the beginning. Yet, just like Chinese, Arabic is an increasingly popular language in the world of work. You could, in fact, find a good job as an interpreter at a large company or spend a period in Dubai, where more and more Italians are moving to work in hotels, shops and airlines.

#5 German

Berlin is one of the most popular destinations for young people looking for work abroad. The German economy is quite flourishing: it is no coincidence that in Germany the demand for waiters, nurses, but also professionals, computer experts, etc., is very high. Therefore, if you are interested in finding a job and do not disdain the idea of moving, the study of the German language will be very useful for you!

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