Do you want to learn Italian? If you are here, the answer is certainly yes! Italian is the most spoken language in the world and, today, both in the academic world and in the world of work, it is no longer just a preferential lane to pass an interview or an exam, but it is an indispensable prerogative.

But, what are the secrets to learning Italian and getting immediate results? We’ll tell you 5… Are you ready?

#1. Constancy, determination and commitment

These are three basic rules you should never lose sight of. Clearly, learning a language other than your mother tongue means setting an objective to be achieved in the best possible way.

So, dedicating oneself to the exercise on a daily basis will be determined to be able – in a short time – to chat with the Italian royal family!

#2. Songs in Italian

Not just humming, but listening and, reading and translating the lyrics into language will be a very effective exercise to quickly improve your performances in Italian. In addition, it will be very useful to try to rewrite the texts in another form, keeping the content of the same that should be proposed in other words.

#3. Language movies

Start with your favorite movies, whose plot and lines you know, and watch them in Italian.

It will be very easy to familiarize yourself with the language and – since you already know the story – you can concentrate on the expressions: we recommend that you write down on a sheet the most significant ones that, once written, will certainly remain more impressed.

#4. Do you have a mirror?

Of course we all have mirrors and, even if you never imagined it, he will be a faithful friend with whom to share the learning of Italian. Get in front of it, look at yourself and start simulating a speech in the language: start with your presentation, ask yourself some questions that you will also have to answer! This exercise will give you more confidence to deal with real situations.

#5. Book your trip

In fact, the absolute best condition for learning the language is to pack up and leave! All you have to do is book a weekend more often in a country you don’t know and impose on yourself to speak only Italian.

Being in a different place, where no one knows you, will make you less vulnerable because you are not subject to anyone’s judgment.

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