Learning a new language is usually a rather demanding process that requires a certain amount of time. The Busuu app brings to our devices the possibility to learn, through lessons and courses, some of the most common languages in the world, thanks to a method based on the involvement in scenes of everyday life.

After a short registration process, which can also be done with Facebook or Google accounts, we will be invited to select the language we want to learn. The list of choices available will allow you to select from:

The selected courses can be followed by pressing the corresponding flag on the main screen. A button allows us to add a new language to our curriculum. The structure of the courses is common to all languages and the learning path is divided into levels of progressive difficulty, from beginners to advanced intermediate (B2) and also offering a quick course for tourists.

Each course is in turn divided into lessons that guide the user into a real life situation, through audio clips, and images and exercises optimized for interaction through our devices. At the end of each lesson we will undergo a test that will allow us to verify what we have learned.

The functions of this app are not limited to following courses. In addition to excellent social integration, from the side menu on the main screen we can access other sections where we can, for example, correct the exercises of other users (in our language), to remind us to follow the lessons, you can also set one or more reminders.

Busuu makes all its courses and related lessons available free of charge, but restricting full access to one lesson per day for each language we have added. To take full advantage of the app we will have to subscribe at a cost of €9.99 per month or €54.99 per year. Both options offer a seven-day free trial.

Those looking for an alternative way to learn new languages should at least try Busuu and its modern method that goes a little beyond the standards of classical grammar. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store page, which you can also reach thanks to the badge below.

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