Far from the stigma associated with the former Soviet Union, communism or the snowy plains of Siberia, the Russian language prevails in the upper part of the Slavic languages in all its glory in Eastern Europe.

Official language of several states – outside its vast territory – such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, this idiom is the 6th most widely spoken language in the world and the most widely spoken in Europe.

This explains the full classrooms during summer and evening courses and the countless requests for tutoring. It is also a clear indicator in terms of the proliferation of new e-learning to learn Russian as a podcast, video and online blog, among others.

Superprof together with his team of Russian speakers has put together a selection of books, online resources and manuals to learn Russian.

We analyze these tools to learn Russian for free in order to progress quickly in written and oral expression as we did in English, Spanish or Chinese.

Learn Russian online


Unlike all the apps we have seen so far, Memrise focuses mainly on visual memory: users must associate images with words through exercises. In this way, learning is faster and more fun. With Memrise you can learn up to 40 new words per hour and, to improve oral comprehension and pronunciation, recordings are made by a native speaker. Courses can be downloaded to the memory of your smartphone so that they can be viewed from anywhere at any time. The application is available both in Google Play and in the App Store.


An excellent app, among other things free of charge and with the possibility of internal purchases, which offers learning divided into levels in turn divided by objectives. It can help you learn Russian through listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises through videochat with native speakers with whom you can compare and correct yourself. The exercises can be sent to the community and corrected by other users. By registering on the site you can also monitor your progress. Available for Android and iOS.


One of the most popular paid language learning apps: once you have downloaded the Russian language package, you will be ready to go. The courses and exercises, which focus in particular on building basic speaking skills, are well structured and divided, as always, according to the level of knowledge achieved. The system is interactive and dynamic: it takes note of what has been learned and the difficulties encountered, in order to set up and propose review exercises in an appropriate manner.

We remember how the app, available for PC, Android and iOS, is not free but worth the expense: prices for Italy range from 4.95 euros for the annual subscription to 9.95 euros for the monthly subscription.

50 Languages

The free version contains 30 lessons, after which you can expand your knowledge with purchases in the app. The app 50 Languages allows you to learn Russian through mp3 lessons divided into categories (e.g. daily situations on holiday, in a hotel, at a restaurant, small talks, getting to know each other, doing shopping, at the doctor’s, at the bank, etc.), to listen to whenever and wherever you want, as well as with interactive games. Available for Android and iOS, is a valid alternative to Babbel definitely to try.

Russian MosaLanguage

Learn Russian even if you don’t have time is possible!

It only takes 10 minutes a day with our app to make progress.

Thanks to our super effective and exciting method, you’ll memorize an impressive number of key words and phrases in record time and have fun. Store the Cyrillic alphabet in just 3 hours and learn to communicate in Russian quickly by focusing on the essentials. MosaLingua helps you learn Russian and the vocabulary of everyday life.

Learn Russian with podcasts

Listening and understanding what we are told is one of the objectives of our language learning. In fact, we are led to think that a language can only be learned by reading and only by studying written texts or by writing. Among the most useful podcasts we point out:

Russian podcast, which with a presence on Facebook and Youtube respectively with over 2,000 likes and videos designed to learn while having fun with the Slavic language, this podcast of the Russian language is a leader in the field.

A Taste of Russian is a podcast channel with many episodes, which can be downloaded for free as a whole in MP3 format and with complete transcriptions.

Russian easy that we mentioned earlier is accompanied by a very useful section of podcasts all to discover!

Video lessons of Russian: Russian on Youtube!

More fun, interactive and updated daily, watching YouTube videos to learn Russian online is a new method for those who have never been particularly comfortable in language school classes. The panorama for the Russian language is extremely varied even for those who speak Italian, but we can find channels in all languages.

Among the most interesting channels we point out:

Russian language in practice, which offers courses divided by levels. If you have already studied the Russian language at least 30-50 hours, for example, for you there are videos of intermediate Russian that still explain many basic things to make you do a good review.

If you want to learn the language and much more, Matrioshka 3010 is for you!

Real Russian Club: this English channel has over 50,000 members. The channel is run by Daria, a Russian language teacher from Moscow. At the same time, her website offers very interesting resources!

If what you are interested in, then, is the film part, Studio MosFilm is a channel that offers the viewing of more than 200 films from the works of this former Russian film studio. Many of the works on this portal have Russian and English subtitles, so it will be easy to get into the spirit of the film!

Among these we suggest you:

Google Translate, currently the best Russian-Italian online translator. Graphically it’s very friendly, it’s simple to use and clear. Without being a professional translator, Google Translate is based on a colossal database and goes through thousands of translations to offer you the best.

We can’t help but mention Reverso, which also has great features and even surpasses Google Translate in terms of translating idiomatic expressions.Last, but not least… Babylon, which will help you to learn Russian and in particular to enrich your Russian vocabulary and your knowledge of Russian words according to the context.

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