The mastery of foreign languages is a requirement increasingly required for access to the world of work. Whether it’s a management role or a “simple” employee, knowing how to speak English or French is certainly an extra step during the interview. This also applies to those who want to build their own profession or find a “little job” to round up. If you know languages well, here are 5 activities you can do… from this moment on!

Do you know languages well?

The first question you should ask yourself is: How well do I know foreign languages? It’s one thing to be able to make yourself understood with commonly used expressions, and another to master grammar rules and terminology in the specialist field.

So, do you know languages well or do you just have a smattery?

To find out, try taking a self-assessment test, such as the one given at the beginning of a language course. Depending on the outcome, you can opt for a beginner’s, intermediate or advanced level course.

#1 Translator

Let’s get to the work you can do now if you know languages well.

The first activity you can do is that of a translator. You can work either independently, translating texts on behalf of individuals or companies, or send resumes to specialized agencies. If the language you know is not widely used – such as Arabic or Chinese – the opportunities grow dramatically!

#2 Travel guide

Tourism is a fast growing sector. Italy, a favourite tourist destination, is always looking for competent people who know foreign languages well.

As a tourist guide, you can work in museums, or in collaboration with travel agencies and agencies that deal with territorial promotion.

#3 Receptionist

Another very popular job, always in the tourism sector, is that of receptionist. In hotels, but also in small bed and breakfasts, if you know languages well, you have before you good job opportunities.

The figure of the receptionist requires, in addition to an excellent command of English and French, also a basic knowledge of other languages, such as Spanish, German, Russian and, nowadays, also Arabic, Chinese or Japanese.

#4 Hostess or stewart

If you are a dynamic person, you love to travel and do not disdain a job in contact with people, the role of hostess or stewart could be for you.

Joining an airline today is quite simple and the salary, although not very high, is still enough to become independent.

Alternatively, you can work on cruise ships or at transport companies: in these areas, if you know languages well, it is easy to find a job!

#5 Language teacher

If you are fluent in languages and have a very broad personal culture, you might consider teaching. Of course, in this case, you will need to have almost total command, both written and oral, as well as a certain propensity for teaching and personal relationships.

If you meet these requirements, you can look for work in private schools and training institutions. Alternatively, try the announcements of private lessons.

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